Endurance Rowing ' Come, Cheer Up Me Lads, Tis to Glory We Steer'

Lyme Regis Gig Club as established an Endurance Section to offer members a programme of long distance races and expiditions. This new section will operate alongside Club, Competitive and Youth Rowing as a distinct programme and open to all members. Over the next three years the aim is to incrementally develop teams trained and experienced in a range of long distance rowing challenges.

During 2016 the Endurance Rowing Section will participate in five events:

Endurance team members will need to commit to a level of long distance training commensurate with the events that they wish to undertake. Thes schedule will include regular return rows to West Bay and other appropriate exersises. Teams with required levels of fitness and expertise will form themselves and/or be selected as required. Health and safety will be the priority at all times and the programme will be adminstered by an Endurance Sub Committee who will manage the project and have final decision making authority on events and crew selection.

The objective for 2017 is to add a further six endurance rowing events to include:

 If you'd like to ship aboard or know more about Endurance Rowing, please contact Marcus Dixon at marcusdixon0330@gmail.com