Join the 100 Club

The Gig Club Committee has decided to establish a "100 Club" to raise funds for the club and Jo Whetlor has kindly agreed to run it. The profits will go towards the running costs of the Gig Club and its future development.

An outline of the club

The full rules are below. If you wish to join the 100 Club, please download the form from the link and send it with either (a) your cheque for 12 months payment (£36 per number) or (b) the completed standing order form which we will send on to your bank. Provided payment is received in due time your number(s) will be notified to you together with details of the time and place of the next draw.

"100 Club" Rules

  1. The 100 Club will operate a Small Lottery as defined by the Gambling Act 2005. The Gig Club will appoint a subcommittee to run the 100 Club and the organizer will be authorized and appointed by the Committee of the Gig Club.
  2. The Gig Club reserves the right to alter the Rules of the 100 Club as necessary. Participants will be notified of changes. In no circumstances will changes retrospectively disadvantage any participants. The current up-to-date rules will be shown on the Gig Club's website; Club.
  3. All profits made by the 100 Club will be paid to the Gig Club.
  4. Numbers to be entered into the draw may be purchased for £3 per number per month. Members, their families and friends may purchase one or more numbers. Participants must be 16 or over. Payments may be made either (a) by monthly standing order or (b) by annual cheque.
  5. Draws will take place 12 times a year, when possible at a Gig Club gathering but in any case with a gig club member who does not participate in the 100 club.
  6. Numbers not paid for by 2nd of the month will not be entered for the draw that month and may be reallocated.
  7. 50% of the net income of the 100 Club will be paid out as prizes. The amounts of such prizes shall be decided by the organizing subcommittee who will make the arrangements for the draw.
  8. Prizewinnings will be paid out at the draw, or in person soon after, or by post (after an email to confirm current address). Winning numbers are available on request.
  9. The Gig Club may wind up the 100 Club at any time and will repay participants' payments made in advance.

Download Application Form