If you are already a rower and would like to join us, or if you would like to join as a social, non-rowing member, please contact the Membership Secretaries Nikki Moore ( ) and Karen Hull ( 

The process for joining the gig club as a new rower is as follows: we offer a Learn to Row course for new rowers to get the basics and start learning correct technique and how to row as a crew. The course runs for a full day and costs £30. If you subsequently join the club, the £15 joining fee is waived and we will then organise further Learn to Row sessions for you to build your technique and confidence before you join our open rowing sessions or competitive sqauds.

UPDATE AUTUMN 2021 - please note that there will be no more Learn to Row courses until Spring 2022 and the waiting list is currently suspended.

Running of the Club

A club is only as strong as its membership, and it is the intention of the Lyme Regis Gig Club to make membership available to all, whether they be Social or Rowing members. However, with nearly 200 members, organising rowing schedules, gym workouts, gig maintenance, coxing duties, painting the gig shed, running fundraisers etc is an enormous amount of work, all done on a voluntary basis: nobody gets paid for the support they provide.

Therefore, all members will now be expected to contribute in some way.  To spread the load, everyone will be asked to indicate which of the following 3 teams they would like to join when they renew or apply for membership.

  1. Admin, Finance & Fundraising
  2. Operations, communications & social events
  3. Maintenance

These are the sort of tasks you can expect to help with:  the list is indicative only and by no means exhaustive!

Admin, Finance and Fundraising

 Operations, Communications and Social Events


You may help in more than one team ‚Äď all help is needed and gratefully received.¬†For more info please talk to the secretary or treasurer Kath Gigg: ¬†

Lyme Regis Gig Club offers six catagories of membership:

  1. Adult rower 21 years of age and older @ £80.00pa
  2. Part year adult membership - 6 months (from 1st October to 31st March) @ £40.00 or 3 months (from 1st January to 31st March) £20.00
  3. Cornish Pilot Gig Association visiting member only @ £10.00pa
  4. Social member - Non Rower @ £20.00pa
  5. Junior rower between 12 and 20 years of age @ £20.00pa
  6. Sea Skiff rower between 8 and 12 years of age @ £10.00pa

Membership runs from April 1st to March 31st. Unless you have taken our Learn to Row course (see above) there is an additional £15.00 'one off' joining administration charge for adult rowers; if your membership lapses you will need to pay this again. Each member is required to pay £1 every time they row or use the Seafit gym.

For all questions about membership, please contact our Membership Secretaries  Nikki Moore ( ) and Karen Hull (

For a gift aid donation contact Kath Gigg: 

Adult Rowing

We run both club rowing and competitive rowing throughout the year. Our rowing programme is run by our Captains through Teamsnap (a mobile phone app and website) to which you will be invited to join by email shortly after your membership has been received.

Please note your availability must be registered one week prior to the day you wish to row.

Those wishing to compete in Intraclub races must also register their availability on Teamsnap.

Once you have registered your availability to row on a specific date you will then be notified by email (by the captains) giving in advance, boat, timing, crew and cox. You will also be emailed if rowing is cancelled.

The club has a training programme which your captain can advise you about including dryland training using Concept 2 rowing machines and weights.

We have a strong committed Competitive Rowing Squad, with a full Regatta Programme.


Junior Rowing

We have a strong junior rowing section for young people run by the Club's Youth Captain/Coach (go to contacts page).

Please register your rowing availability with your Junior Captain/Coach.

We have two groups of rowers: the 14's and under "Younger Group" and the 14's and over "Older Group".

Skiff Rowing

 Cornish Sea Skiffs are light, agile, fifteen foot, sea rowing boats ideal for young people to to learn to row and a great way to have fun, keep fit, and adventure out into the sea.

Lyme Regis Gig Club has two Cornish Sea Skiffs, Gale Force and Storm Force and we usually row from the end of Victoria Pier on The Cobb, as weather permits. 

Juniors from the age of eight to twelve and their parents are welcome to join the Sea Skiff crew.

Social Members

Lyme Regis Gig Club is here for all who love the exhilirating sport of Cornish Pilot Gig racing and sea rowing, whether that be ashore or afloat.

The Club welcomes social members as a part of our big team and who would like to participate in our activities and help develop the club. There's always lots to do.

With 164 members of all ages, the Club  is a dynamic, fun place to meet people and get actively involved a sport that brings together communities throughout the South West and beyond. Please contact Membership Secretaries Nikki Moore ( ) and Karen Hull ( for further information and to join Lyme Regis Gig Club as a social member..