The Tamar Challenge

The Lyme Regis Gig club Men's section entered one last race this year, at an event hosted by the Cotehele Quay Gig club, situated on the picturesque banks of the river Tamar.

The Cotehele club would be the finishing line at the end of a 9 mile endurance race, an event held annually by the club.

Like the 3 rivers endurance race at the beginning of the season, this event started directly under the Tamar road bridge 9 miles down-river, all contesting boats were under starters orders once their handicap had been calculated. This meant the potentially slower boats were off the start line first with the stronger teams following behind them. The crew entered by Lyme were, essentially, a Supervets crew but as one of them was not old enough for Vets or Supervets entry, it was decided to declare themselves a Men's 'B' team, putting them back down the starting order.

Once off the start line, they held their own, passing a couple of other crews on the way. The tide was sitting very low at the start of the race which meant a significantly narrower channel had to be negotiated to avoid sandbanks at the turns. A final burst, yards from the finish line saw 'Black Ven' cross the line in a commendable time of 1 hour 10 minutes 5 seconds.

The Lyme crew consisted of Cox: Chris Waller, Tony Short, Chris Walters, Toby Newson, Chris Bailey, Tim Heathcote and David Clayton.

LRGC would like to thank the Cotehele club for their help and support in launching and landing the boats.

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