Cattewater Regatta - Wonderful racing in Plymouth Sound

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Cattewater Regatta - Saturday 23rd July 2016 - Beautiful weather and a fantastic venue for rowing in the spectacular surroundings of Plymouth Sound. Conditions were generally excellent although the wind increased and the sea became rougher as the tide ebbed during the afternoon.

There was an early blow for the Lyme's Men's team when they learnt that Tony S, one of the Club's main stroke rowers was unable to attend. This entailed a re-organisation of the coxn's and crews.

Lyme didn't enter a crew in the Ladies A race, Looe in Samphire took a line far to the landward of the start line and led from start to finish with the result never in doubt. Teignmouth in Templar came in second followed by Brixham in Pegasus. Lyme didn't enter a crew in the Men's A race either and this race was dominated by Looe in Samphire, who again started on the Mountbatten end of the start line and completed the race a good ten lengths ahead of the nearest challenger Pegasus. Catalina for the home club Cattewater came in third after a close fought battle with Teylu from Catehele Quay. A strengthening breeze now began to pick up and the long outward first leg was directly into wind.

An excellent start from the Lyme Ladies B Crew saw them leading the field of ten boats away to the first mark. As the breeze continued to intensify, Tempest was driven to the east, making the inside line, exploited so succesfully by Looe earlier, no longer the preferred line. Rounding the first mark in the middle of the pack, Lyme Ladies B made steady progress towards the last mark. An excellent turn by cox Jeff Legge increased lyme's lead over Teylu and the ladies drove to the finish line taking a well deserved 4th place.

In Lyme Men's B, Chis B took on the stroke in Tony's absence and Phil H came in at No 2. In a highly competitive race, the Lyme crew found themselves in a head to head within the race with Dartmouth in Smudger and Teignmouth in Templar. The Lyme men held off repeated challenges from Templar but fell just short of their pursuit of Smudger in what was a strong finish in sixth place for the scratch Lyme crew.

An excellent start from the Lyme Ladies C team saw them lead the field and round the first mark by a boat length in what was a close and highly competitive race for all eight gigs. On the penultimate leg, Teylu drew neck and neck with Lyme for the lead, whilst in third place, Rame in Penlee Point were making excellent progress and looking a considerable hreat. At the last mark, Lyme coxn, David C executed a brilliant turn which streached the lead over Teylu to three lengths. The drive to the finish was on. Lyme had gained the advantage over Teylu despite efforts to claw back Lyme's lead. Lyme drove hard towards the finish line but could not hold on as Rame overhauled them just before the line, beating Tempest by half a boat length. A magnificent race and epic row from the ladies of Lyme.

The Lyme Men's C team made a strong start in what was about to become another fiercly fought contest. As Lyme rounded the first mark, repeated clashes of oars allowed Teylu to inch ahead and enabled Penlee Point to pressure Tempest. Further clashes of oars with Teylu accompanied by colourful language led to a resolve in the Lyme gig not to be beaten. Diven hard by coxn, Diana D and fighting off repeated challenges fro Rame, Lyme drove hard for the line and just failed to overtake Teylu. So near yet so far!

In the Ladies Vets race, in contrast to earlier in the day, the Plymouth Sound, outside line was now the favoured position as crews jockeyed for their place on the start line. In low water and a sea being whipped up by the ever strengthening wind, the Ladies produced a strong, solid row in a very competitive race and finished a credible 4th place.  

Next came the Men's Vets and in testing conditions, with waves drenching the crew, the Lyme team fought hard in a highly competitive race. Driven on by coxn, Kery M, the Lyme crew battled hard with Looe in Samphire and Teylu from Catehele Quay. After the earlier antics in the Men's C Race, the Vets were determined that Teylu wouldn't pass. They didn't!

In ever worsening conditions, the Lyme Mixed Crew worked hard to stay with the pack. Stroked bt Marcus D, it was a good solid row for a team that had never rowed together before.

This was a superb regatta run bt Cattewater Gig Club. A great atmosphere in a great venue with good catering and music provided by an excellent DJ. A must for next year.




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