Sidmouth Gig Regatta Report

Sunday 18th September 2016

Lyme Regis Gig Club despatched Black Ven and a small team to fight it out at the Sidmouth Gig Club's regatta on Sunday 18th September.

The regatta held at the western end of the historic town's sea front saw nine Clubs; Bridport, Exmouth, Langston, Portland, Sidmouth, Swanage, Teignmouth and Weymouth and their gigs (Dagger, Rodney Bey, Star of Northnay, Pulpit Rock, Keith Owen, Windspit, Morgan, Isolde) racing in seven closely contested heats.

The racing started just after mid-day with glorious sunshine but the sky became more cloudy as the tide ebbed later in the afternoon. The day kicked off with the Men's A, which was won by Weymouth with Lyme coming in 5th, The next race was the Ladies A, won by Teignmouth and with Lyme coming in again 5th. The Men's B was won by Teignmouth with Lyme coming in again 5th and Weymouth were victorious in the Ladies B with Lyme coming in 7th. The Men's SuperVets saw Weymouth win again and Lyme finishing 6th. In the Ladies SuperVets Lyme came 2nd behind Weymouth and in the last Mixed race Lyme came 3rd narrowly beating Swanage and not far behind Weymouth and winners Teignmouth.

Overall winners in Sidmouth were Weymouth, followed by Teignmouth (2nd), Bridport (3rd), Swanage (4th) and Lyme Regis coming in fifth. A tough days racing, but a good time was had by all.     




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