Massachusetts' Gloucester Gig Club's Inaugural Regatta - September 2017

Monday 12th December 2016

Lyme Regis Gig Club has been invited to provisionally participate in Massachusetts' Gloucester Gig Club's inaugural regatta, which is being planned for the weekend of September 15-17 2017. 

Gloucester Gig Club are looking to provide gigs for a number of teams from outside the US. The race weekend is still being planned but the thinking is that the event will kick off on Friday 15th September with a 1,000 meter race in Gloucester Harbour. Teams will be invited to participate with an informal dinner afterwards.

It is also planned for a 3.5 mile race to be held on Saturday 16th September with lunch provided afterwards, the home club generally enters a man's team, and women's team and a mixed team. Gloucester Gig Club are also exploring if another local club can sponsor another 3 to 4 mile race south of Boston on Sunday 17th September. 

Visiting teams will be asked to pay Gloucester Gig Clubs race entry fee (generally $25 or so, per person) for the Saturday race which includes lunch and (most likely) a commemorative hat! There will also be a modest fee for the Friday night informal dinner.

Gloucester harbour is a fishing port around 35 miles north of Boston. The town was founded by an expedition called the 'Dorchester Company' of men and women from Dorset chartered by James 1st in 1623. It was the first English settlement in what would become the Massachusetts Bay Company and predates both near by Salem and Boston.

It would be great if Lyme Regis Gig Club is able to participate in this inaugural Gloucester Gig Club regatta. These are tentative plans that may change. However If you are a member of LRGC or would like to join our club and possibly travel out to the US in September 2017 to compete in the Gloucester Gig Club regatta, please contact Marcus Dixon at for further information. 



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