President's & Chairman's Crews Race On New Year's Eve

Sunday 1st January 2017

At noon on Dec 31st, Lyme Regis Gig Club held their first ever race for the Presidents Trophy. The presidents crew coxed by Kerry Maguire were in Prospero and the chairmans crew coxed by Diana Dixon were in Black Ven. Both boats had a mixed crew of male and female competitive rowers, veteran rowers and a junior rower.

The sea conditions were excellent and only a slight breeze could be felt in the air.

There was a decent row out to the start line, over at the Charmouth bouy and the two boats had to then race back in a straight line into Victoria pool.

There is something spectacular about a gig race and this one didn't disappoint! There were roars from the coxswains, the sounds of the six oars all moving in unison, and calls of encouragement from the spectators on the harbour wall.

Both crews rowed with gusto and it was a neck and neck race the whole way, with the presidents boat just pipping the chairmans boat to the finish line.

The trophy was presented to the winning team in the Harbour Inn after the race, and this will now be made an annual event.

Lyme Gig Club would like the thank sponsors, the Harbour Master and all the who support.

President's Crew; Kerry, Nigel LG, Emma, Dan W,David C, Molly, Debs. Chairman's Crew; Diana, Dan D, Sam, Holly, Marcus, Charlie, Zoe.


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